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When not buried waist-deep in the tech beat, I'm an entrepreneurial writer penning and editing stories in the economics, immigration, internet culture, lifestyle, music, politics, & sports realms.

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Fove psfk 962x644 article

Third-Gen VR Could Rewrite How We Connect 'In Person'

Story-telling will little benefit a world where interactivity delivers beyond one-way connectedness.

Cannabis article

Cannabis Consistency As The Path To Health And Happiness

Understanding the precise branding and marketing mission of a health and wellness brand delivering bliss and calm through cannabis-based solutions.

Dating world hinge 2.png article

Swipe Left On A Dating World Built To Keep You Single

Hinge's VP of Marketing Karen Fein tells us about the service's daring ditch of the swiping culture that's designed to attract advertising revenue, not meaningful connections.

Rloop spacex hyperloop design 848x644 article

Hyperloop Competition Inspires Reddit-Born Think Tank

Determined to win SpaceX's Hyperloop pod competition, rLoop has embraced the pros and cons of full online collaboration as a means to power our collective future.

Pretender project unit9 article

Virtual Reality Will Make Corporal Control a Consumable Commodity

Telepresence and vision synchronization collide in a future where VR is about mutually beneficial possession.

Didi article

Can Design Education Make Dubai Design Capital Of World?

The Middle Eastern megapolis is betting a better tomorrow on the launch of its Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation.

06 1 article

Editorial Roundtable: Customer Engagement Comes Home

PSFK hosts a discussion with 5 experts on advertising engagement behind closed doors.

Words article

Reconfiguring News to Serve a World In Need of Omnipresence

In light of the attacks in Brussels, it's worth asking ourselves if news as we know it is flawed.

Attachments 5 article

Editorial Roundtable: Social Good For Business' Sake

PSFK hosts a discussion with 5 experts on how to drive business through social impact.

Graham mcmullin 3 article

What Brand Strategists Stand to Learn From Carl Sagan

SVA Alum and Associate Strategist Graham McMullin on how branding requires a similar balance of curiosity and empathy that science has come to depend on.

Carbon3d article

3D Printer Pulls Eiffel Tower Out of Liquid Goo

Carbon3D believes 3D printing hasn't lived up to its name—that's all about to change.

Flyby flag article

Help PSFK Design Better Flags for the Future

Though ubiquitous symbols of civic pride, flags are usually poorly designed and can take on malicious intent—help PSFK remedy that.

Dubai article

Dubai And The Future Of Humanitarian Design

In its second year, Global Grad Show brings together 145 cracks at a more sustainable, connected and empowered way of living.

Entertainment roundtable article

Roundtable: Entertainment Beyond The Box

Copa90, McCann NY, Alphachannel, The Other Guys, Wildbytes, Los York, Open Mind Strategy and Glassworks impart their expertise on the consumer culture driving new entertainment trends.

Ghost vote gun violence  964x644 article

Curb The Heartbreaking Toll Of Gun Violence With Your Virtual Vote

A social campaign enlists virtually-induced empathy as an agent of political change.