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Bogar Alonso

Writer, Journalist, Editor

When not buried waist-deep in the tech beat, I'm an entrepreneurial writer penning and editing stories in the economics, immigration, internet culture, lifestyle, music, politics, & sports realms.

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The Creators Project

5 Emotions Invented By The Internet, In GIF Form

We asked 5 GIF artists to help us represent some of today's newest internet-enabled emotions.

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Third-Gen VR Could Rewrite How We Connect 'In Person'

Story-telling will little benefit a world where interactivity delivers beyond one-way connectedness.

Open uri20170823 20706 1tkdkbz?1503464393
Student Reporter

Fixing the Freelance Future

E-Work’s brave new world comes with serious drawbacks.

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A Former “Illegal” Mexican On The Nightmare Of A Donald Trump Presidency

In some ways, I’m more American than Donald Trump will ever be.

Open uri20170825 20436 c9ckuz?1503653861

A Deconstructed Dyson DC65 is a Thing of Beauty

Photographer Todd McLellan explores the inner workings of everyday items. In this case, the new Dyson DC65 vacuum.

Open uri20170827 20132 xqatdu?1503854908

Cannabis Consistency As The Path To Health And Happiness

Understanding the precise branding and marketing mission of a health and wellness brand delivering bliss and calm through cannabis-based solutions.

Open uri20170827 20101 160lo6h?1503855117

Swipe Left On A Dating World Built To Keep You Single

Hinge's VP of Marketing Karen Fein tells us about the service's daring ditch of the swiping culture that's designed to attract advertising revenue, not meaningful connections.

Open uri20170827 20148 jgtdc1?1503823743

Hyperloop Competition Inspires Reddit-Born Think Tank

Determined to win SpaceX's Hyperloop pod competition, rLoop has embraced the pros and cons of full online collaboration as a means to power our collective future.

Open uri20170827 20092 ce9f18?1503823743

Virtual Reality Will Make Corporal Control a Consumable Commodity

Telepresence and vision synchronization collide in a future where VR is about mutually beneficial possession.

Open uri20170823 20706 10snpur?1503464395

Let's Get Even More Unreal About Mass Transit

Here's eight people movers of the future to shrivel your Hyperloop dreams.

Open uri20170825 20351 ept0pj?1503651838
The Huffington Post

Editing Sample: Switzerland and the EU: The Heavy Cost of Isolation

Sample freelance editing work with an emphasis on proofreading, line editing, and substantive editing.

Open uri20170827 20347 1mvmebp?1503854906

Can Design Education Make Dubai Design Capital Of World?

The Middle Eastern megapolis is betting a better tomorrow on the launch of its Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation.

Open uri20170827 20184 c51m1l?1503823742

Editorial Roundtable: Customer Engagement Comes Home

PSFK hosts a discussion with 5 experts on advertising engagement behind closed doors.

Open uri20170827 20096 k1vi96?1503823742

Reconfiguring News to Serve a World In Need of Omnipresence

In light of the attacks in Brussels, it's worth asking ourselves if news as we know it is flawed.

Open uri20170823 30311 1urp8yp?1503464401
The Creators Project

Six Thoughts On Google Glass From Celebrated Artists

Six tech-conscious artists discuss the implications of a future with Google Glass.