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Bogar Alonso

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When not buried waist-deep in the tech beat, I'm an entrepreneurial writer penning and editing stories in the economics, immigration, internet culture, lifestyle, music, politics, & sports realms.

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Introducing: L'Orange

You must be doing something right if your album currently sits atop the Bandcamp popularity totem pole.

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Black Milk - Synth Or Soul [Album Stream]

Yes, the internet has dictated that musicians make music as hurriedly as humanly possible, but the great ones have learned to move to the beat of their own drum loop.

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Black Alley - "Virgin Suicide" [Video]

Though they're still sending newbie reverberations throughout the musical world, in many ways Black Alley have been around for the better part of a few decades.

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Marinate Media Presents: Shadows [Album Stream]

Move over industry heads, a new wave of producers are creeping in under the limelight.

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Jonti - "Christmas Worm"

When you describe a cartoonist (Normal McLaren) and Madlib as being some of your biggest influences, your music might be more than a little colorful.

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Introducing: Wax Triptych

Given the three artists who make up Wax Triptych, it is only natural to wonder what a triptych even is.