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When not buried waist-deep in the tech beat, I'm an entrepreneurial writer penning and editing stories in the economics, immigration, internet culture, lifestyle, music, politics, & sports realms.

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Donald sterling 300x227 2  article

Abhorrent History Proves Fines Alone Won't Deter Donald Sterling

History has shown that measly fines won't deter Donald Sterling.

Open uri20140407 17552 uu4k1m article

Fantasy Basketball: The Brian Roberts Exposé

Brian Roberts deserves a pick-up from your fantasy basketball waiver wire.

Open uri20140407 4364 597zip article

A Comprehensive Guide To The Luol Deng-Andrew Bynum Trade

A full breakdown of the many moving parts in the Bulls' and Cavs' Luol Deng-Andrew Bynum trade.

Open uri20140407 5259 vtcw58 article

Kevin Durant: All Hail The New MVP

The hype around LeBron James' resurgence is all wrong: Kevin Durant is your 2013-14 MVP.

Open uri20140406 10113 g85lh3 article

The Miami Heat Are Putting The Pacers On Hot Seat

The Indiana Pacers are still an elite team but whatever edge they seemed to have on the Miami Heat earlier this year has turned around on them.

Open uri20140406 10113 hfcmfr article

Analyzing The Hall Of Fame Eligibility Of Iverson, McGrady, Rice, and Hill | XN Sports

According to, out of the four players, who have been retired for some years or retired recently, only Allen Iverson is a lock for the Hall of Fame. They get no arguments there.

Open uri20140407 5259 9oi3qz article

Fantasy Basketball: Washington Wizards Primed For Late Season Wizardry | XN Sports

Real world success doesn't always translate to fantasy basketball success, but in the case of the Washington Wizards, nothing could be further from the truth.

Open uri20140406 25989 f4ymq3 article

Fantasy Basketball: Chris Paul Expected Back Sunday | XN Sports

Fantasy Basketball: Chris Paul Expected Back Sunday. The uber-elite fantasy option that is Chris Paul is expected to start for the Clippers this Sunday.

Open uri20140406 10113 1c57rvv article

Fantasy Basketball: Playoff Point Guard Replacements | XN Sports

Bogar Alonso identifies some backup point guards that can boost your team's assists, steals, and threes for the fantasy basketball playoffs.

Open uri20140406 2400 pbyll4 article

Week 14 NBA Injury Report: DeMarcus Derailed | XN Sports

The latest NBA injury report and fantasy basketball impact, including updates on DeMarcus Cousins, Nicolas Batum, Rudy Gay, Kemba Walker, and more.

Open uri20140406 10113 50fcw6 article

Week 16 Pt. 2 NBA Injury Report: Mike Conley Returns | XN Sports

The latest post-All-Star break NBA injury report and fantasy fallout to help guide you through your week.

Open uri20140406 10113 imivl5 article

Week 17 NBA Injury Report: Goran "The Dragon" Dragic Gets Burned | XN Sports

The latest NBA injury report and updates, plus fantasy basketball impact to help you tweak your lineup for the rest of the week.

Open uri20140407 7194 zddq3y article

Fantasy Basketball: Sound The Alarm On These 5 Players | XN Sports

Sound the alarm on these five players: Andre Iguodala, Eric Gordon, Wilson Chandler, Carlos Boozer and Jameer Nelson.

Open uri20140407 15861 1tn5a7g article

Fantasy Basketball: The End Of The Kendall Marshall Mini-Era | XN Sports

Fantasy Basketball: The End Of The Kendall Marshall Mini-Era. With Steve Nash and Steve Blake back in the lineup, Marshall's value is greatly diminished.

Open uri20140407 5259 1k7hwlj article

Fantasy Basketball Injury Report: Playoffs Edition Pt. 2 | XN Sports

NBA Injury Report: The latest fantasy fallout and news on Kyle Lowry, LaMarcus Aldridge, Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, and more.