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When not buried waist-deep in the tech beat, I'm an entrepreneurial writer penning and editing stories in the economics, immigration, internet culture, lifestyle, music, politics, & sports realms.

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Open uri20140422 21576 lrcrve article
The Creators Project

Miyazaki's Best Films Get Commemorated In 8-Bit Style

Miyazaki meets Miyamoto.

Open uri20140406 10113 ubxhda article
The Creators Project

Walk A Year In Someone Else's Shoes With This Stop-Motion Video

The traditional video diary is dead. Thank god.

Open uri20140509 23327 15s3rq3 article
The Creators Project

And Now There's A True Detective Soundboard

Never forget a nihilistic Rust Cohle one-liner ever again.

Open uri20140509 22718 1gyacsq article
The Creators Project

These Sunglasses Transform The World Around You Into A Photo Filter

It's like Instagram, but without the selfies.

Open uri20140406 10113 h33prz article
The Creators Project

A Common Plant Could Be The Future Of Sound Engineering

The maddening rush to build a more sustainable living has yielded some spectacular results.

Open uri20140411 23598 i79ajb article
The Creators Project

Watch Light Take On The Properties Of A Tennis Ball

The bright stuff responds like nothing you've ever seen before.

Open uri20140517 28830 1h64fp9 article
The Creators Project

A Grand Theft Auto Subreddit Is A Communal Art-Making Machine

GTA Adventures' members use the game in communal fashion to reenact iconic movie scenes, hold storytelling contests and more.

Open uri20140406 17554 ibjvff article
The Creators Project

Ben Ridgway's Abstract Forms Contort And Enchant Ad Infinitum

Bite-sized visual mantras for the internet age.

Open uri20140406 25989 1s5dmnv article
The Creators Project

Humans As Fractured Composites Of Our Universe

We're all just dynamic mannequins floating through space.

Open uri20140501 23904 p8jk85 article
The Creators Project

Experience The Magic Of Iceland Through This Multi-Sensory Book

Even as a book, the Nordic nation exists beyond the page.

Open uri20140406 19493 1g4hrvb article
The Creators Project

The Psychedelic Posthuman Portraiture Of Murat Sayginer

Get your mind warped by these digital shorts.

Open uri20140406 25989 us50ec article
The Creators Project

Traditional Indonesian Theatrical Wear For The 3D-Printed Age

Age-old customs, new age design.

Open uri20140517 20315 1sek9se article
The Creators Project

An Instrument That Translates Landscape Paintings Into Music

Art no longer needs to speak to you, it can now serenade you with a melody,

Cafc95e938e2958f5e876e9fb6b0a446 article
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Warped Fashion Photos Stretch Models Like A Funhouse Mirror

You thought body concepts in the fashion world were warped enough.

637c42298dc402c837c865d818902399 vice 670 1  article
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Chilling Cinemagraphs Document The Chernobyl Aftermath

An animated GIF-guided tour through the radioactive wasteland, for those who would rather not visit.