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Bogar Alonso

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When not buried waist-deep in the tech beat, I'm an entrepreneurial writer penning and editing stories in the economics, immigration, internet culture, lifestyle, music, politics, & sports realms.

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Open uri20140502 25847 6e1kag article
The Creators Project

5 Emotions Invented By The Internet, In GIF Form

We asked 5 GIF artists to help us represent some of today's newest internet-enabled emotions.

Open uri20140406 25989 og2ov5 article
The Creators Project

Six Thoughts On Google Glass From Celebrated Artists

Six tech-conscious artists discuss the implications of a future with Google Glass.

Open uri20140406 1126 iwyqa3 article
The Creators Project

The 1970s Graphics Program That Spurred Space Exploration, Computer Picassos and Pixar | The Creators Project

SuperPaint is the grandfather of all digital paint programs.

Open uri20140406 10113 1chkf2s article
The Creators Project

Touch The Cosmos With Aether's Interactive Galactic Makeover

You can now run your fingers through a sentient cosmic pool.

Open uri20140406 10113 l8ap1j article
The Creators Project

12 Portrait Series That Document Our Changing Relationship With Technology

A round-up of portraits made using technologies new and old that explore how we see ourselves today.

Open uri20140406 26361 i4m0b5 article
The Creators Project

You Can Now Create Your Own '80s Music Videos On Demand | The Creators Project

Poolside FM proves the 80s aren’t done partying--and you can join in!

Open uri20140406 19493 dcdz8n article
The Creators Project

The Spiritual And Sensual Meet In Tale Of Tales' New Video Game [Interview]

Luxuria Superbia has no characters or central story, but it does have interactive flowers shaped like wormholes.

Open uri20140415 24819 16xup1p article
The Creators Project

Oculus Rift Used To Bring Catalonia Into 360-Degree Magnificence

Virtual reality requires no passports.

Open uri20140415 17327 1rcp4p article
The Creators Project

Your E-Skin Future Explained In 7 Convenient Layers

With e-skin becoming an increasingly likely form of wearable tech, we explore some possible applications for the technology.

Open uri20140415 24819 za4wbo article
The Creators Project

Photo Series Explores The Glitch As Body Modification

All of the glory, none of the goo.

Open uri20140406 8872 1pg4d1g article
The Creators Project

3 Ways Anti-Gravity Robot Printing Can Better the Arts | The Creators Project

Mataerial is a groundbreaking new anti-gravity 3D printer that offers all kinds of new possibilities....

Open uri20140407 7194 4hp8dn article
The Creators Project

Make Project "Hotel Glitch" A Reality With Your Disruptive Art | The Creators Project

A participatory art project that challenges the campy fabric of hotel art.

Open uri20140407 5259 1u4h4k3 article
The Creators Project

Next-Generation Game Tables To Wow Your Friends With

Take a look at what your 21st Century downtime has been missing out on.