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Bogar Alonso

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When not buried waist-deep in the tech beat, I'm an entrepreneurial writer penning and editing stories in the economics, immigration, internet culture, lifestyle, music, politics, & sports realms.

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Société Perrier DJ Mix: Geko Jones

There should be a medical term for the things Brooklyn-based DJ/producer Geko Jones makes your feet do.

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8 Rising Teen Musicians (We’re A Little Jealous Of)

As much people try to quantify music nowadays — into digital downloads, YouTube views, Nielsen SoundScan figures, Twitter followers — one thing can't be measured: talent. And there's no better time to see that talent on full display than when an artist is just coming into their own.

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Female Rappers From The '90s: Where Are They Now?

We're very fortunate to live during an era that has seen a major resurgence of good female emcees. WAYBACK WACHINE INTERNET ARCHIVE LINK:

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Male Rappers From The '90s: Where Are They Now?

Fame can be a fickle thing. Even in the hip-hop industry, some of its biggest stars can be sky-high one day and seeing stars the next.